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meet our co-founderS

Natalia and Sydney first met in 2019 while working together at a luxury furniture and design store. They bonded over their shared passion for design and their aligned tastes and aesthetics. In 2020, they decided to take the leap and pursue their dream of helping others create timeless and personal spaces, launching their own design venture.

We believe that a home should be more than just a place to reside—it should be a sanctuary where you can unwind and cherish moments with your loved ones.

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Natalia Velandia

Founder/Interior Architect & Designer

Natalia's passion for architecture and design began in her childhood in Colombia, inspired by its vibrant and diverse architectural landscape. She loves to travel and explore new places with her husband, drawing inspiration from different cultures and architectural styles. Whether appreciating historic landmarks or savoring new dishes, her experiences continually fuel her passion for design and architecture.

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Sydney Reeves

Founder | Interior Designer

Sydney, a Florida native, naturally loves soaking up the sun outdoors and feels most at home when she is on a beach somewhere. She has a deep passion for all things architecture and design, reveling in every aspect of the creative process, from sketching initial ideas to bringing visions to life. Beyond that, she loves to read, binge-watch TV shows, and spend quality time with her fiancé and their 95-pound 'puppy'.

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Design Assistant

Natalie, a mother of two young boys, has had a lifelong passion for design. When she's not busy with her children, she loves exploring nature, discovering new restaurants, and drawing inspiration from these experiences.
Natalie's background in video editing has emphasized her keen eye for aesthetics and attention to detail, which translates into her work with 3D design

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